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AutoORDER is Napleton Fleet Group's unique fleet vehicle ordering system. The system allows clients to place orders and view status of orders in a secure, password-protected environment.


AutoORDER provides the following advantages:

  • Password-protected vehicle ordering by designated company personnel or by the driver
  • Current vehicle order status
  • Email acknowledgement of all orders including a copy of the manufacturer's order acknowledgement
  • Optional email acknowledgement to the driver of order placement, vehicle status and vehicle shipment
  • Complete history of all vehicles ordered through the website by model year


Vehicle Ordering
Two order forms are available to AutoORDER users.


The Spec Order Form uses predetermined specs that have been setup for the client. This form is ideal for a fleet that uses a specific vehicle selector. The make, model and equipment for your specific vehicles appear in a drop-down list for easy selection. Ordering is as simple as adding driver info and vehicle color.
Spec Order Form

The Free Form Order uses a form that allows the client to build a vehicle based upon specific requirements. Available on the Free Form Order is the latest version of Chrome Carbook to assist in ordering the vehicle correctly. You may even print a copy of the Chrome Carbook report.
Free Form Order

Vehicle Order Status
Designated company personnel can view status of an existing order by selecting View Current Orders. This view will show all vehicles on order or delivered to the driver within the past 14 days. It will display in Unit # order and may be sorted by driver name or vehicle make/model.
View Current Orders

Vehicles that have been delivered are accessed in the View Delivered Vehicles by Model Year. This view is listed by model year and offers the same sort capabilities by driver or vehicle make/model.
View Delivered Vehicles by Model Year

Driver Order Status
Drivers are notified by email to access our website for order status information. Drivers may check current status with their vehicle unit number and name.
Driver Order Status

Interested in becoming an AutoORDER user?
Contact Rick Nicoletti at for a Login and Password to test drive AutoORDER.

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